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Concord Youth Theatre

Concord Youth Theatre, Inc., founded in 1976 as Act/Tunes, is a non-profit educational organization committed to making high-quality live theatre accessible, relevant, and memorable for young people and their families. The purpose of Concord Youth Theatre is to enrich the lives of young people by providing opportunities for them to be actively involved in the creative process through participation in a variety of live theatre experiences under the leadership of professionals.

Through our performance company productions, theatre arts classes, summer workshops and guest artist performances, CYT teaches young people skills not only essential for performance on the stage, but even more critical to their success in school, work and social settings.

CYT wishes to thank all those who have supported us through the years. As we have for our first 40 years, we will continue to strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our patrons and students!

The Concord Youth Theatre, Inc. is a public charity and educational program recognized under IRS code 501(c)(3). All donations to this organization are fully tax deductible. Concord Youth Theatre’s tax identification number is 04-2776922.

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Our Companies

Concord Youth Theatre’s performance companies provide an opportunity for young people to participate in a full-scale musical production. We are a process-oriented education program and focus on the company members working together as an ensemble. We are committed to providing an environment that is creative and educational for our students. Click here to learn more about our companies.

Our Classes

Our classes and workshops are organized by age. They are designed for both children and young adults, though in some cases they overlap. Visit our classes page for more information.

Support CYT

There are many ways to support Concord Youth Theatre: becoming a member, contributing to our ongoing Annual Appeal, becoming a volunteer, or providing much needed items on our wish list. Visit our support page to learn more.

Here's What's Happening at CYT!

Announcing Auditions for CYT’s Summer Show!

CYT will be performing A Chorus Line – High School Edition this summer for students in grades 9 – college. Auditions are Wednesday, June 9th from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm. Please go to https://concordyouththeatre.org/performance/young-adult-company/ for more info. Click Here to register for an audition.

Announcing CYT’S Summer Classes!

Registration is open for CYT’S in-person summer classes! To register on-line Click Here.

Black Lives Matter

We at Concord Youth Theatre stand in solidarity with those who suffer the brutality of racial violence, and condemn racial prejudice of any kind.  We lift our voices to the national cry, demanding justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other black, indigenous, and people of color who have lost their lives. We challenge ourselves to listen more, read more, and do more to understand the issues that have plagued BIPOC communities for centuries.

As a theater, particularly as a children’s theater, our role is to create a safe space for creativity and growth. We continue our commitment to providing that space, while also acknowledging the lack of safe spaces for many children in our country. We are a space where stories are shared in community; CYT commits to increased diversity in our storytelling and to use story to help our students explore the importance of fairness, inclusion, courage, and human dignity.

We Will Act with Intent

CYT is looking very closely at the role we might play in amplifying the voices of BIPOC artists, practitioners, and students.

  • We will be an affordable and accessible space for BIPOC-led programming.
  • We will offer workshops and scene studies for works written by BIPOC authors, with BIPOC facilitators.
  • We will bring forth narratives that have been suppressed and reject any that deny the existence of racism in our country. 
  • We will consult with members of the BIPOC artist community to explore ways we may become more accessible to BIPOC students and families.
  • We will develop policies for staff and students that provide clear guidelines for anti-racist and anti-hate behaviors, and seek training in these areas.
  • We will actively recruit for BIPOC representation on our executive board.

As always, CYT programming will be age-appropriate for and affirming of our students. We have tremendous appreciation for our young thinkers who are already organizing around and responding to recent acts of racial violence. Theater gives young people the courage and confidence to be themselves, and the thoughtful young people we encounter at CYT bring us feelings of hope. These last few months have been very hard. CYT looks forward to the day when our doors will be open, and we can gather together. Until then, we wish for your continued health, safety, and cherished time with family.


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